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Things you Must Know about Breast Augmentation

Many people think that having a breast augmentation is for aesthetic purpose only, a means of having to brag about or be proud at – but it’s wrong. There are more reasons why some women undergo such operation, one of them is about boosting their self-confidence.

Moreover, coping with weight loss after pregnancy and improving one’s small breast are just some of the major factors why women tend to undergo such surgery.

Dr. Jun Caparas of Zi Institute, who has been in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly two decades now, shared some more important information that everyone should know about breast augmentation.

One of the things that many people are confused about is the difference between breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Dr. Caparas differentiate the two for they have varying purpose and aim according to what the patient needs.

Breast reconstruction is being done after mastectomy or removal of breast (mostly for breast cancer patients). It is designed to improve the appearance of the area where the breast tissues were removed. In contrary to the notion that it cannot be done right after the mastectomy, Dr. Caparas confirmed that a breast reconstruction can be done immediately after the affected breast tissue removal operation.

On the other hand, the breast augmentation is used to enhance the size of the breast volume by inserting breast implants. Silicone gel-filled breast implant is the most commonly used implant but an adjacent tissue can also be utilized. For post-radiation patients, or those who have been exposed to too much radiation, it is advisable to have an adjacent tissue as an implant instead of the artificial ones because the extrusions are higher.

According to Dr. Caparas, an ideal patient that can undergo breast augmentation should be those who are more than 17 years of age (post-puberty) that are medically and psychologically stable.

He also noted some of the things that should be done after undergoing such operation. Of course, the suture has to be removed five to seven days after surgery. Also, a breast massage should be done after two weeks. And if you’re thinking about how long it can last inside your body, Dr. Caparas said that “The manufacturer’s recommendation is to have the breast reconstructed after 10 years. But the implant can stay inside the body permanently.”

Furthermore, a patient should also be advised about the risks or the side effects after having the operation. Unsightly scar, contracture formation or breast hardening and lesser sensation in the nipple areolar complex are some of the major and common after effects. Of course, it is normal for a medical procedure to have some after effects. After all, it really takes a lot of courage to completely satisfy your ideal look.

So, why stop yourself from achieving a more beautiful and confident you if a very trusted and reliable clinic is available to help you out? Entrust your beauty to a very reliable and trusted plastic surgery and dermaesthetic clinic in the country. Visit Dr. Caparas now and see what Zi Institute has to offer. Stay beautiful, ladies!