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Memories of Pain, Be Gone: Scar Removal

Every person who experienced pain has changed in a way – either for better or worse. The memory of their suffering sticks with them like a scar. With scars, people may try to cover it up with their clothes or conceal it; however, not every scar is small enough to be hidden.

A scar always shows up after some sort of pain. The type of scar depends on someone’s age, genes, sex, and even ethnicity. Listed below are the types of scars a person could get.


Probably the most common type of scars that are received from severe acne. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most of them are on your face.


These scars occur after you have been badly burned. This could be dangerous going deeper as it may tighten the skin and affect muscles and nerves.


Often a result of intense healing, these scars may extend from the original injury and may result in the hampering of your movement. This type of scar is often on people with dark skin.


This is similar to keloid scars that resulted from a previous injury; however, the do not exceed the original place of the wound.

Any type of scar can be covered by Zi Institute’s treatment plans. From intensive facial treatments such as laser treatments to less intensive treatments such as prescription creams, this derma clinic in Manila offers various treatments to make you feel young and new again.