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In a tropical country like the Philippines, maintaining a clean and pimple-free skin is not as easy as most Filipino women want it to be. The country’s extra-humid air, not to mention the type of unpredictable weather that we have here, is factor to every Filipina’s woe when it comes to skin.

Caring for the skin is such an important part of the hygiene, both for men and women. But what should really one follow when it comes to skincare? What’s real and what are just plain myths? Here you are common misconceptions and ways to care for it.

Myth 1: Tanning booths are not harmful, just as long as they don’t produce UVB rays.

It is not just the UVB (what does this stand for?) rays that are deemed harmful to the skin – UVA (spell out please) rays, in fact, are also harming your skin in more alarming ways. These rays penetrate deeper into the skin and cause more damaging effects, like premature aging and skin cancer.

Myth 2: A higher SPF guarantees better protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

The number of SPF indicated on the bottle or tube of sunscreen actually refers to the amount of protection the product has against UVB rays or the rays that cause sunburn. It’s not enough that your sunscreen contains a high number of SPF if it only offers protection from UVB rays. Your sunscreen must provide protection from BOTH UVB and UVA rays.

Myth 3: There’s no need to put on sunscreen if there’s no sun.

The sun’s UV radiations are so strong that even on a day when the sun is hiding behind clouds these rays can still reach the earth’s surface and penetrate your skin. Always make sure to apply your sunscreen every day, and re-apply every two hours.

Myth 4: Washing your face often with soap will make your skin acne-free.

Contrary to popular belief, using soap to wash your face is harsh that it strips the natural oils and protective barriers of the skin. Substitute your soap with a gentle cleanser, then put on moisturizer and sunscreen.

There are a ton more misconceptions and myths about skincare, these are just the basics. If you want to know more about proper caring for your skin or treating skin problems, schedule a consultation now with ZI Institute.

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