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2017 was a big year for beauty, skincare, and the likes. Which makes us all wonder – what’s in store for us in 2018?

According to Harper’s Bazaar, here are the biggest beauty trends to head our way come 2018.

  1. Masks will still be making it big.

Hold on to your facial masks because they are here to stay. And not just facial masks. 2018 will be the year we can expect a “more body specific” set of masks, such as those for the hands, arms, chest and even the breasts. The masks will also be offering a targeted solution for problematic skin types, aside from the usual benefits these things already provide to the skin. Overall, masks will generally improve to greater heights for the coming year.

  1. Environmental-conscious works.

2017 saw a year for a more socially and morally responsible way to be beautiful without being cruel. This year, the trend continues. In 2018, it is somehow forecasted that the use of plastic will be eliminated and that the movement to use plant-derived plastic and glass, as consumers are now wiser when it comes to choosing materials that contribute to the preservation of precious resources.

  1. Skincare supplements will be re-introduced.

Some beauty specialists believe that skincare supplements will start to become a huge concept in 2018. Said skincare supplements will be formulated to combat against aging effects and oxidative stress.

  1. Beauty that knows no gender.

With the increasing call for equality, beauty is no exception to that. While the unisex trend has been around for some time, citing fragrance as an example, there are still a few areas not explored. But beauty experts say that in 2018, skincare, makeup and hair products will see no labels for men or for women, but just be gender-neutral in all sense.

Excited about next year’s beauty trend forecast? We are too.

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