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The medical condition when a person is excessively and unpredictably sweating even if there is not too much exerted effort on what a person is doing is called hyperhidrosis. In this case, a person is sweating heavily for no reason even when it is not needed or not appropriate.

There are actually two basic types of excessive sweating:

    1. The Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis or the localized excessive sweating commonly starts from childhood up to adolescence. It is called focal or localized because the sweating happens in a specific area only like the underarms, groin, head, face, hands, or feet. It usually happens symmetrically whereas both sides of that specific part experiences excessive sweating. Although the experts are not yet sure of its real causes, it is believed that this condition happens because of some minor malfunction in the nervous system. This kind of excessive sweating is not medically threatening however it may cause such embarrassment and some limits on a person’s social life, especially to teenagers who are on the stage of seeking for social acceptance.
  1.  On the other hand, the Secondary Generalized Hyperhidrosis or the generalized sweating is the less common yet the more serious one. The sweating happens not just in a particular area but in the whole body itself. It was called secondary for its reasons are actually caused by some underlying medical conditions like Menopausal, Pregnancy, Thyroid problems, Diabetes and Alcoholism. There are some instances also that some medications like psychiatric drugs, antibiotics, and supplements cause general excessive sweating.

Treatments for Excessive Sweating

There are several treatments that you can use or undergo in order to solve this medical condition, one of them is having your antiperspirant spray, lotions or roll-ons to at least control the sweating aside from taking in some medications.

You can also choose among the variety of different dermatological treatments available to at lessen or eventually fight the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis or the treatment that uses low-level electrical impulses to disable the sweat glands temporarily.

Botox can also be one of the best solutions for this as its injections can temporarily stop the nerves from sweating excessively while some surgical procedures like underarm liposuction can be done to solve hyperhidrosis.

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