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If you’re tired of looking exhausted, then this procedure may definitely be for you!

Protrusion blepharochalasis,also known as eyebags,can make one look constantly tired and older than we are. It has nothing to do with age. As early as in our early 20s, many of us will start to notice these unsightly undereye bags, and it just worsens as time passes.

There are many causes of eyebags, such as aging, hereditary, stress, allergies, hypertrophy of the orbicularis muscle – overgrowth of eyelid muscles, which results in protruding fat, and the like and they are graded according to how prominent they are.

Eyebags can generally be classified into 3 grades, namely Grade I, Grade II and Grade III and the most common causes of saggy and baggy eyes are age and “bad genes”. This also means that if you have eyebags when you are younger, it will almost certainly become more obvious as you age.

What can be done?

Many men and women in their quest for a “knife-less” and risk-free solution to eyebags resort to expensive over-the-counter eye creams, eye-gels, eye-masks and/ or even gadgets, only to find that these (often) twice a day “ritual” does little or no help to improve eyebags.

Depending on the cause and extent of the eyebags there are both non surgical and surgical ways to remove those excess bulges. For the more “serious” cases of eyebags however, surgical removal of fats is the only way to effectively and efficiently remove them.

It is therefore important that you consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can advise on whether or not you are suitable for this procedure.

At Zi Institute, our doctors are trained, qualified, and certified in lower blepharoplasty (eyebag removal) and are experienced enough, having done multiple procedures successfully, enough to advise you on the options available for the best cosmetic results.

Ask us now about eyebag removal, and see a younger looking you!

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