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Age is just a number, unless it shows on your skin.

If you feel that your skin may be exhibiting signs of aging such as fine lines and drooping, consider changing your skincare routine or even in your lifestyle, in general to bring back the glow and suppleness of your skin.

There are things that you can do aside from observing proper diet and avoiding toxins such as smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. Some opt for non-surgical skin tightening and lifting procedures that can provide immediate but short-term results. But there are cases where a patient wants a more “permanent fix” or the sagging is so advanced that aesthetic surgery is recommended.

Here are the different kinds of plastic surgery procedures that can address specific problem areas.


One thing that you should keep in mind when getting a facelift is that it should rejuvenate your face and provide a youthful look for your neck and jawline. The cheeks should also be made fuller, for an overall vigorous appearance. A facelift can accomplish these goals with the use of different techniques, reshaping the layers of tissue underneath the skin.

You can also go for eyelid surgery, forehead surgery and the usual facial implants if you wish to do so. Just understand that you cannot undergo multiple surgeries in a single day. Also, make sure that you know how much downtime it will take to completely heal from your surgery.

Facelifts and neck lifts usually take one to two weeks for swelling or any kind of bruising to subside.


Tummy tucks, body lifts and liposuctions are common plastic surgery operations that most women go through. Unlike facial surgeries, surgeries done in the body may take a little longer to recover from. A body lift, or a tummy tuck and a back/buttock lift done at the same time, is considered a major operation that requires general anesthesia.


Excess skin and fat in the thighs are usually treated with thigh lifts. This provedure removes excess skin but doesn’t improve the state of the skin. Thigh lifts are recommended for people who have lost a lot of weight.


Buttock surgery is aimed at increasing the volume of your rear body part. These may include fat grafting, where fat removed through liposuction is added to the buttocks, or the use of implants, which offers a more permanent result than fat grafting.

Make sure you have all the information on the plastic surgery procedure you’re planning to have prior to the operation. If you have any questions regarding plastic surgery, just talk to us. ZI Institute has top-notch services when it comes to plastic surgery in the Philippines.

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