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Most women desire proportional and tight tummy especially in the Philippines where we enjoy unlimited beautiful beach resorts all year-round – hence the aspiration to flaunt a perfect “beach-body”.

Diet and weight management are still the most effective and lasting way to maintain one’s figure – but it all depend on one’s discipline and will power. For some however, after losing weight (either through natural or surgical way), they find that their abdominal skin is sagged and loose that the only solution is to undergo a tummy tuck.  This is a surgical procedure where the excessively loose skin is removed to have tighter abdomen. Keep in mind that you may need some time to recover from the procedure before you can go  back to the beach – or even just your normal activities. Here are the few tips you need to take note to help your recovery after a tummy tuck surgery.


Proper Diet

While the result is effective and instantly visible, a patient who undergoes a tummy tuck needs to observe a proper diet to maintain the results. Without watching your diet, the removed visceral fats may grow again so heed a strict and proper diet before, and most especially after the surgery.

Bear in mind, however, that there shouldn’t be any significant weight loss before the surgery. A normal diet is highly advised with medications to be put on-hold till recovery according to Dr. Jun Caparas, the resident certified plastic surgeon of Zi Institute.


Avoiding Infections

All surgeries incur some sort of manageable risk but the occurrence can be minimized by asking the patient to bathe chlorhexidine solution to decrease the bacteria and their propagation to reduce the chance of getting an infection after the surgery.


Avoid having Constipation

After any surgery, you must never force your abdomen to move or contract to avoid extreme pain and complications. We at Zi Institute prescribed our patients with a stool softener to prevent constipation.


Follow required resting period

Rest after the surgery so as not to compromise the healing and recovery process. Some are able to come back to work in a week, but it is advisable to rest for two weeks.


Restrictions and Mobility

In line with the prescribed period for rest and recovery, patients are also advised to restrict some of their physical activities. These include strenuous exercises.

Have someone assist you in getting up from your bed especially in the first few days after your surgery. Every movement should be done without haste. Always be careful in climbing up the stairs.

With restrictions in mobility also comes restrictions in diet and other edible intakes. Alcohol is prohibited until the patient fully recovers from the tummy tuck surgery. This is to not let the alcohol mix with the prescribed drugs and medication for post-surgery healing and recovery. Doing so will reduce the potency of your post-op medication.


Pain Management

You will experience pain especially during the first couple of days after the surgery due to the tightening of the abdominal musculature that normally occurs in this type of procedure.  In cases when patients have low pain tolerance, pain reducers are prescribed.


Usually on the fifth day after surgery, pain will be minimal.   The tenderness and swelling, however, will last for a couple of weeks.


These tips are important for patients to fully and quickly recover from their tummy tuck procedure.


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