Body Contouring

For the perfect body, Zi Institute offers different contouring methods available depending on the patient’s morphology and the surgeon’s technical preferences, ranging from surgical to non-invasive procedures.

Surgical Procedures

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

An Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure is a surgical operation wherein excess skin and fat are removed in the abdomen. It also reinforces muscles in the abdomen to correct laxity or better known as the bulging of the stomach. The procedure may also aid in the removal of stretch marks, but up to a certain extent only.


Liposuction or Suction-Assisted Lipectomy is a procedure used to suck the fat from parts of your body (abdomen, back, flanks, torso, arms, thighs) which have excessive deposits. The process also includes contouring the body once the fat has been reduced. This improves your body’s proportions and contours your body into better shape and figure.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring


Cavitation, or Ultra-Cavitation, is a non-surgical body slimming system known to reduce general and localized cellulite and body volume due to retention of water and localized fat areas. Effective for burning fat, shaping the body, tightening the skin, and reducing cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Serum Therapy

An anti-cellulite serum / gel that activates the fat burning process by combating localized fat deposits, stimulates tissue microcirculation and allows the removal of toxins and free radicals. The skin becomes smooth and the body regains its elasticity and softness.

Ingredients include vitamin E, kelp, evening primrose oil powder, red clover, cod liver oil, gingko biloba extract, horse chestnut, gotu kola, herb powder, and grapeseed extract.


Cryotherapy is a sophisticated method of cold therapy involving three minutes of skin exposure to temperatures between -200°F to -250°F to boost metabolism and effect weightloss.

Cellulite Reduction Therapy

A non-surgical treatment used as a toning therapy for cellulite and post-operative liposuction amongst other conditions.

It combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin’s surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling. 


With the use of Radiofrequency, tissues in your body will heat up and tighten, providing better blood flow and break down of cellulite fats. The procedure helps stimulate collagen production which improves skin tone and skin elasticity.

Zi UltraLift

Known as “non-invasive liposuction,” Zi UltraLift (high frequency ultrasound) sends energy at a focused and relatively low intensity across the skin surface, targeting the subcutaneous fat. The intensity of the ultrasound energy is set at a low frequency so that no damage will be done on the skin.

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