Chin Augmentation

A WELL-DEFINED CHIN helps give balance to the face and creates a major part of one’s profile. You will be surprised to know how many famous Hollywood celebrities have undergone this procedure (Google search: chin implant celebrities)

When people look in the mirror, most focus on the size and shape of their noses, their ears, sagging jowls, or fine wrinkling of the skin. But even though few examine their chins with the same discerning eye, having a “weak chin” is certainly not an asset.

It is common for a highly trained plastic surgeon to recommend chin surgery in addition to nose surgery when the surgeon sees that chin augmentation is necessary to achieve facial balance and harmony. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward procedure that can make a major difference.

To augment the chin, an implant made of synthetic material that feels much like natural tissue normally found in the chin, is inserted. A wide variety of sizes and shapes allows custom fitting of the implant to the configurations of the patient’s face.

Depending on the technique used by the surgeon, a scar is not visible or usually imperceptible.

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