Double Chin Removal

The Problem You See

Fat that protrudes from under the chin and looks like a second chin is what is most commonly called the double chin. It often wraps from one ear to the other and completely takes away from the natural neckline. This is due most often to excess fat, and gravity pushing down facial tissue, gathering under the chin- making it look saggy and irregular. For some, this appears as a bulging double chin. For others,  crepe skin and prominent muscle bands resemble a neck wattle.

Ideally, a tight neckline in profile generally has a flat region under the chin with a sharp transition to the neck. From the front, the jawline should shadow the region of the neck immediately below. In reality, however, one’s anatomy determines how tight a neckline they may ever achieve.

What Can be Done

Concealed face and neck lift incisions as well as methods of the deep plane lift elevate the skin and muscle of the lower face in an anti-gravity direction. This elevation acts as a sling to tighten the region under the chin. But in patients with a double chin,  liposuction may be performed to achieve a smooth and flat neckline. Small cannulas are passed back-and-forth under the neck skin to pull out fat in a uniform manner. This requires a small incision placed in a crease behind the chin.

What To Expect After Double Chin Removal Surgery

There can be significant bruising of the neck after either method to get rid of a double chin. However in some patients there is minimal or no bruising as can be seen in the photo of the patient above in the section on chin implant. You will have a compression garment covering your chin, neck and head for about a week. You may expect a 10 day to two week recovery for bruising to go away. Most patients do not complain of pain but do complain of the tightness and pressure of the facial garment. Pain medications are usually only required the first 2-3 days. Makeup can cover the bruising after the first week.

It is best to consult an experienced, certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in the techniques for removing a double chin for best results. Dr. Jun Caparas is Fellow of Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (FPAPRAS), and is considered one of the country’s  best at performing various facial contouring procedures. Message us to know more about various facial contouring procedures or email

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