Cellulite Reduction Therapy

Approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating cellulite,  this non-surgical treatment cannot get rid of cellulite completely but can improve the appearance of your affected skin instead by reducing the lumps and its uneven look. It can also improve the blood circulation in your body, relieve muscular aches, and improve your skin tone.

It is a non-surgical procedure that reduces cellulite through manipulating the tissues of the body through mechanical means like massages.

The procedure was originally devised in France by Louis – Paul Guitay during 1980s, initially to treat burns and loosen scar tissues, but later on, he discovered that massage coupled with anti-cellulite serum and gel has a good effect on improving the appearance of the cellulites in the skin.

This treatment is normally practiced by beauticians, masseurs, physiotherapists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. The process starts with a consultation and an orientation to make sure that the patients is completely aware of her condition and the programme for the treatment she will undergo. Being knowledgeable f the condition as well as the treatment that suits the patient is very important to reduce the risks of treatment failures or unwanted side effects.

A minimum amount of 6-10 treatments are usually recommended and are required to have the best results to see real difference. According to Beauty Resource, the results of these 6-10 sessions usually last for a few months, afterwards, having a monthly 30-minute treatment will help on maintaining the healed area of the skin. Although it is not recommended to have more than the amount of these sessions, some patients may desire for more if they feel the need.

The treatment usually lasts for 35-45 minutes. The patient wears a specialized body stocking during the procedure while the therapist uses a hand-held massaging device on the affected area of the skin. During and even after the treatment sessions, it is widely accepted that having a balanced diet and doing regular exercises will complement the results.

The cost of  the treatment will depend on the beauty professional that you will consider and of course, you must choose a center that is not just affordable but is also tested and reliable enough to provide good results. Try heading to our clinic now and discover what Zi Institute can do for you.

Source: beautyresource.org.uk

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