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Holidays are just around the corner. And with decorations and lights all aglow, in streets and in every home, you can really say that it really began feeling a lot like Christmas. This is the time of the year when the majority are happy and very positive about their lives. It is also the turning point of the year signaling the entire word that in few weeks’ time, we will face a brand new year. New Year, new us!

That is the reason why Christmas has a compelling air of motivation for people to change for better. And Zi Institute is proud to share some holiday makeover tips for women to upgrade their looks depending on what the occasion is, especially for this season when parties are happening left and right.

Glitter is the new Black

While black is timeless, the holidays require a more fun and flashy aura. The glittery and silky ones are now in. You can party and have a good time in those glitzy and glittery clothing.

Bold and Fiery

You need to rest from your no-makeup look or natural kind of makeup style. The holiday is about splashes of bold and warm colors. Matte blood, wine red, burgundy, and ruby shades of lipsticks set you apart from others.

Winged Eyelashes

With bold colors adorning your lips, a darker eyeshadow is an overkill. To accentuate your eyes, you can go with winged eyeliner and top off with flirty eyelashes to unleash that ready-to-party woman in you. But don’t overdo it. The objective is to look like a queen and not a drag queen.

Loose and wavy

You can add drama by wearing your hair loose and way. This breezy and slightly colder season warrants you to flaunt that long and naturally wavy hair. There’s nothing wrong with doing some hair flip if you feel like doing it.

Radiant and Supple

Nothing’s flashier and glitzier than a healthy glowing skin. With too many parties and late night gigs during the holiday, our skin is the first one to suffer. With a slightly cooler climate, the skin easily gets dull and dry. Do not forget to clean your face with makeup remover and cleanse with a mild and gentle foaming cleanser. You need to tone, apply some essence and booster. Then you cap the day with moisturizer both for your face and body to bring back the glow and suppleness of your skin.


This Christmas, bring out the best version of you with these easy-to-follow makeover tips. For more derma tips and advice, visit Zi Institute now!


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