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There are different ways of getting rid of excessive fats and contouring your body– both invasive and non-invasive.

Depending on the preference and budget of the patient, here at Zi Institute, we listen to our patients’ needs and conditions. We strive our very best to strike a balance on their desire and what is reasonable that they will be most comfortable in.

Here are the various benefits of non-surgical body contouring procedures:

  1. Quick Recovery Time – Since this kind of procedure does not require to go under the knife, this has a quicker healing time than the usual surgical procedures. In fact, undergoing surgery to remove excess fat sometimes can leave you on a bed rest for few weeks.
  2. Works for almost everyone – Unlike surgical procedures, non –surgical body contouring procedures can work for almost everyone. Most of the surgical body contouring procedures require only a certain type of body, but, with the help of the technology, almost everyone can now get the body that they want without hesitation.
  3. Easier on the budget – non-surgical procedures do not cost as much as surgical remedies for your problem areas. The cost is gradual, on a per session basis.  (of course it always comes out cheaper to buy bulk number of sessions)

If you want to have a sexier and more beautiful you, there’s no need to hesitate, come to Zi Institute and let our experts Dr. and Dra. Caparas help you on achieving your body goals for 2018.

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