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If there’s one thing to be said about society today, it’s that we are more accepting of the changes that developments have brought on us. Whether it’s an issue of race, gender equality, or even the type of profession you go into, today’s culture is now more diverse and open-minded than it was back then.

Plastic Surgery has often been one of those pressing issues that has always been under scrutiny of the public eye. Individuals who undergo such procedures are usually shamed for not embracing what is natural to them. However for others, surgery is not all about vanity.

One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures underwent by many is Rhinoplasty or more commonly known as a nose job. This procedure is often undergone by patients who have incurred an injury or have a deviated septum. Treating such issues can be handled in two ways, one of which does not require you to go under the knife.


Undergoing nasal surgery can resolve a number of concerns that will not only improve the look of your nose, but enhance its functions as well. After consulting with your surgeon, he can make the call as to whether it will be an open of closed procedure. With an open procedure, your cartilage and framework will be exposed. For a closed one, the skin will be left covering your nose and will be treated through small incisions inside.For the most part, you can expect a natural look in the end. However if overcorrection happens, all eyes may be on you every now and then.

Using Fillers

Some nasal problems do not require as much work to the extent of surgery. For these circumstances, Filler injections such as Restylane can serve as an effective alternative. However the you can expect that the effects of these injections are limited compared to the results a surgery produces. The only plus side to using fillers as oposed to an invasive procedure is minimalising the possible casualties that could happen.

If you’re experiencing problems on your nasal area but are too scared to have surgery, now you have the option of using injectables as well. Rhinoplasty is not all about beautification. For others, it’s a form of healing from an unwanted disfigurement.The next time you decide to pass judgment, get down to the whole story.


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