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What you need to know about Chin Augmentation

If you are one of those people who are feeling insecure about the shape of your chin and finding that it is not proportioned to the rest of your face, then you must read up on the basics of Chin Augmentation surgery.

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Tips for Fast Recovery After a Tummy Tuck

It is deeply desired by most women to have a proportional and tight tummy. This is partly due to the year-round beach season in the Philippines, and in line with that, the aspiration to flaunt a seemingly perfect body.

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Zi's Various Surgical Body Contouring Procedures

Look fab, feel good, and be proud! The new millennium is here and plastic surgery is in! And who’s the expert to help you with that? Of course, Zi Institute’s Dr. Jun Caparas!

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The Benefits Of Skin Whitening Treatments

Filipinas have always wanted the idea of a lighter skin. It has grown on them that a fair complexion signifies beauty and this mentality can be attributed to the 300 years of Spanish colonization in the Philippines, a time when the standards of beauty have been greatly skewed on fair skin.

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Contour Your Body with Zi

Gunning for that 2017 sexy body? Worry no more! Zi Institute is your one-stop shop when it comes to the best body contouring services. With our advanced expertise on plastic surgery and dermaesthetics, reshaping your body is now a piece of cake, but of course, with the proper care and guidance of our body care experts.

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What's Great About Fractional Microneedling Rf

Scars should have no space on your skin! It’s time to break away from the unwanted marks on your skin and have the flawless version of you this 2017.

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Things you Must Know about Breast Augmentation

Many people think that having a breast augmentation is for aesthetic purpose only, a means of having to brag about or be proud at – but it’s wrong. There are more reasons why some women undergo such operation, one of them is about boosting their self-confidence.

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Your Summer Beauty Nitty-Gritties

Summer is here! And for sure, your vacation plans are piling up and you have so many things to do. From booking your flights, planning your itineraries, and packing your things, it’s a lot to handle. But, there is one more important matter that you should always keep in mind this summer – your beauty care.

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