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Plastic Surgery in the Time of COVID 19

Every business has adapted to the changes brought about by COVID 19. For non-essential areas of the health sector like plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, the impact has also been profound and one that may last for quite a long time. But what is evident to be effective in resuscitating business back to life is the promise that health and safety will be prioritized above anything else. With that,

The start of Teleconsultations

Every doctor has probably cancelled 2 or more consultations or surgeries since the start of the quarantine locally. This has not only caused delays in some of the processes needed to be done to a patient but, has also caused a gap financially speaking. Luckily, we have technology on our side to bridge this gap. Even if the physical clinic is closed and face-to-face consultations are not allowed, clinics have migrated to Teleconsultations. This allows patients to consult with their doctors remotely. It is a big adjustment as doctors heavily really on seeing their patients physically in order to properly do a diagnosis but nevertheless, it is still possible.

A Clinic Visit is Different Now

Any establishment will now require visitors to undergo safety protocol steps which involves a lot of sanitation and wearing protective equipment. It may be a lot of process to go through just for a consultation, but if it means keeping everyone’s health safe and secure. What is an additional 5 minutes before going inside the clinic right?

Here in Zi Institute, we follow a 6-step safety protocol:

1. Step on the sanitation mat

2. Sanitize your hands with the alcohol dispenser

3. Wear footwear protection

4. Temperature check before entering the clinic. If your temperature is above 38 degrees, you will not be allowed to go inside the clinic.

5. Fill up a patient health checklist before consultation

Is it safe to have surgery done during this time?

To keep it short, the answer is a definite YES! As long as we are following these safety protocols and more, we can assure you that the clinic remains virus-free and is safe to do any type of treatment or surgery. As they say, life goes on. We might just need to do extra steps to ensure our safety during this time, but there’s absolutely no need pause our whole lives. We must continue to adapt to the ever changing times and remember that this too, shall pass.

The New Normal: Teledermatology Consultations

We’ve been hearing the term “New Normal” these days because as everyone has feared, it seems like everything will not go back to old normal with everything that’s been happening. With the new introduction of the term comes a new set of rules and processes that everyone is trying to adjust to. Everyone has to learn new ropes when it comes to doing even just the simplest tasks.

However difficult the adjusting process may be, one thing’s for sure: We always find ways. So even in the field of medicine wherein we are used to visiting our doctors for one-on-one consultations, this process has to change too. Thanks to the internet and technology, we have now been introduced to Teledermatology.

What are the benefits of Teledermatology?

So what exactly is teledermatology? To put it simply, it’s remote consultation for specific skin conditions that can be treated without the need for a one-on-one consultation with a dermatologist. A patient may send photos of the problem area, provided that it is clear enough that the dermatologist may diagnose. Take note that this is not the case for all skin conditions, some conditions may need a more intensive look.


Anytime, anywhere. Even though a medical professional is not with you in the same room, they should still be able to provide you with quality healthcare. Especially now that we have all these technology that allows us to do this.

Safety and Time Reduction

The most important reason as to why we are pushing for teledermatology is safety. With teledermatology, you reduce the risk of having to expose yourself while travelling to your doctor. So if it’s not of utmost emergency, opt for tele dermatology instead.

Conditions that can be treated through Teledermatology

Simple skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, hives, and the likes may be treated via Teledermatology. However, if further problems ensue, you should definitely schedule for a one-on-one appointment.

Zi Institute has started to offer teledermatoloy services through it’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. You can easily schedule for an appointment with Dra. Cynthia Caparas, follow the steps on payment and initial consultation, and you are good to go.

This is our way of keeping our patients and staff safe and healthy during this pandemic without having to sacrifice quality healthcare service.